Maple Leaf Forever?

The Story of Canada’s Creation


Maple Leaf Forever? was designed to be used in the classroom.  It can be used in Canadian history and social studies courses for students age 10 and above.

A Teacher’s Guide for Maple Leaf Forever? can be obtained from the publisher, JackFruit Press.

Here is a sample chapter of the book, which deals with the British North America Act and how it works.  Sample Chapter:  Chapter 10 Rulebook.pdf

Here is a sample set of questions from the Teacher’s Guide for Chapter 10:

Chapter 10 Questions.pdf

Maple Leaf Forever? tells the history of Confederation as it hasn’t been told before for young readers [and adults as well].  We learn about the parties and personality conflicts, the deals and the ideals that shaped and drove Confederation. 

We also see how and why John A Macdonald’s vision of a strong Canada and weak provinces was derailed by Oliver Mowat, the Premier of Ontario who once had been Macdonald’s legal partner.

We learn how Canada works, and how it has grown since 1867.

The book uses counterfactual history to encourage students to think about what might have been, and how historical events can so easily turn on the smallest of things:

Maple Leaf Forever? is exactly what’s needed to move history out of the classroom and into the minds of Canadian children.

Quill and Quire Review, January 2008

“This is what all history books should look like!”

Educators and Maple Leaf Forever?

Buying Maple Leaf Forever?

Maple Leaf Forever? and the Teacher’s Guide for Maple Leaf Forever? is currently unavailable for purchase, as the publisher is currently defunct.

It may be available in your local library.

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